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DUPLESSY - & Les Violons du Monde

Mathias Duplessy, guitare, composition (France)
Guo Gan, er-hu (China)
Enkhjargal Dandarvaanchig aka Epi, morin-khuur, diphonic singing (Mongolia)
Aliocha Regnard, nyckelharpa (Scandinavia)

Mathias Duplessy is the crass but lovable hero we all love to root for, a cross between Geronimo and John Wayne, a troubadour, a gypsy, a modern day shamanic cowboy who seeks out kindred musical souls from the far reaches of the earth to collaborate with to create music that defies borders, nationalities, colors and religions.
Trained by his master Okna Zam tzaham in the exotic Mongolian art of throat singing, Duplessy's live performances are a revelation as he sings in 2 voices, low and high melodies simultaneously. He is a formidable exponent of the Mongolian Horse-head fiddle, the national instrument of Mongolia. Duplessy is also a master of flamenco – he wields the classical guitar like an extension of his body; his movements are unorthodox yet fluid. He plays his guitar like its his last time every night.
Crazy Horse, the first single of the album of the same name, is an ode to the Native American chief and a nod to Ennio Morricone. An oddity that works, a sort of American cousin to a Mongolian « reel », Crazy Horse is a wild ride that carries the listener towards a slate of Shamanic bliss. With the Violins of the World, Duplessy has gathered together a motley crew of musical musical misfits to do just that – Horse-fiddle player Enkhjargal Dandarvaanchig from the steppes of Mongolia, Erhu player Guo Gan from the cultural expanse that is China and fellow frenchman Nyckelharpist Aliocha Regnard.
As a young musician, Mathias had dreamed of working with Senegalese artist Ameth Maal ; he realized this with his first major release with his idol a few years later. He subsequently found himself in bustling Bombay where he composed songs inspired by chanting of African griots. The doors of Bollywood opened up to him resulting in musical collaborations with the greats of Indian cinema such as Aamir Khan and Irrfan Khan resulting in 2 coveted Filmfare awards.
Duplessy has toured India with children from the slums of Mumbai in tow, and with the India's national treasure, Sufi singer Ali Muktiyar.
The notion of « life-communion », with its origins derived from the druids of Celtic Gaul, resonates through his some of his albums. His childhood musical influences Nana Vasconcelos, Serge Gainsbourg, Mark Knopfler, Eric Clapton and Ravel served to build his eclectic musical vocabulary and his taste for raw, gritty yet impeccably performed music ;
After decades of traversing the earth collaborating and performing with world class musicians and with hundred of international film scoring credits behind him there can be only one thing that can be said about the man. Mathias Duplessy is the real deal.

©Thibault de Puyfontaine

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