Projets spéciaux

HÂL - Chemirani - Barou

The loving journey

Keyvan Chemirani, zarb, percussions, santur, artistic direction
Maryam Chemirani, singing
Sylvain Barou, celtic flutes, bansouri flute, duduk, uillean pipe
Bijan chemirani, zarb, percussions, saz

With Hâl, Keyvan Chemirani creates for the charismatic voice of his sister Maryam Chemirani a jewellery box, at times silky and luminous, at times vivid and cheerful. In addition to his own finesse on the Indian santur and brilliance on the Persian zarb, Keyvan Chemirani brings together virtuoso flutist Sylvain Barou renown for his mighty sound and brother Bijan Chemirani known for his delicate sensibility on the saz and his astonishing precision on the percussions. Created at the Festival “Les rares talents” (Montreuil, France) in 2018, the project explores through original compositions the Eastern modality (Iran, India, Turkey ...) with some bonus stops in Celtic countries. Let’s get on board together on this loving journey where the hâl, this ecstatic state of both awakening and self-forgetfulness in Persian classical music, is our leading light, our direction!

©Rémi Hostekind

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