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Maarten ENGELTJES - Contre-ténor

" Countertenor Maarten Engeltjes gave a persuasive account of Marcello's piece and, where he could, he bound the musical fabric together by giving shape and a sense of natural fluency to the lines."
Sydney Morning Harald 

" Countertenor Maarten Engeltjes is stunning in his first work, the sprawling Salmo XXI. The drama of Marcello's setting of the Italian text is commandingly and colourfully performed. Engeltjes's expresseive voice thrills the audience."
Arts Hub Sydney

" Netherlands always brought forth great singers, now there is a world class countertenor. 
The pleasing warmth of his voice is accompanied by a clear course and instrumental versatility, this singer is not busy with his voice, he makes music." 
De Telegraf

"The best singing of the evening came from the Meraspe of countertenor Maarten Engeltjes whose exceptionally beautiful voice and intense musicianship held the audience in thrall."


"Maarten Engeltjes brought a pure, well-projected tone which was distinguished by it's sweetness."
The New York Times

"Du plateau de solistes, on retiendra surtout le contre-ténor Maarten Engeltjes, d'une émouvante ferveur."
La Croix

"On remarque tout d'abord le Meraspe de très grande classe incarné par Maarten Engeltjes, contre-ténor néerlandais, au timbre onctueux et à la musicalité souveraine."
Opéra Magazine

"Maarten Engeltjes nous étonna par la qualité de son ornementation dans Von den Stricken mais son Es ist vollbracht fut proprement hallucinant de beauté de timbre et d' expression."
Classique Info

"Maarten Engeltjes (Polinesso) qui s'est montré très convaincant sur le plan musical : la voix apparaît souple, brillante mais dramatiquement."
Forum Opera

"Maarten Engeltjes, el joven contratenor que encarnó a Polinesso, supuso todo un descubrimiento: agilidad, belleza, transparencia, elegancia."
Cuestion de Sensibilidad

"El Bertarido del contratenor Maarten Engeltjes fue todo un prodigio de belleza tímbrica, luminosidad vocal y matización sensible."
Cuestion de Sensibilidad

"Der niederländische Countertenor Maarten Engeltjes eroberte kristallklare Höhen und sorgte für unvergessliche Emotion. "

"Dieser wird von Maarten Engeltjes gesungen mit klangschönen sehr sinnlichen Altus- kein Wunder dass sie Ihm auf Dauer nicht widerstehen kann. Zum Dahinschmelzen schön ist sein 'Cara, cara de gl'occhi miei' wenn er um sie wirbt."

"Maarten Engeltjes ist ein prachtvoll dahinstrahlenden Countertenor"
Berliner Morgenpost

"As young as he is, the term rising star is an understatement, when it comes to Maarten Engeltjes - 24 years old and his star is already already in the zenith, and shines in all it's facets."
De Volkskrant

"That boy plays his bodily instrument so fabulous, so nuanced, intense, crystal clear, so full of meaning that you get the feeling that Dowland and Purcell onnly should be sung like this. Each sentence is tasted, inspired and nurtured without a moment of harming the progression of the song "
De Volkskrant

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